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From Chad Eljisr and James W. Brown

Have you ever tried to adopt a new habit and gotten really excited about the change you want to make to the quality of your life?

And then… failed.

And felt defeated. And wanted to give up?

Well, you are not alone!

The main reason we fail is that we all fall in the trap of setting ambitious goals that require changing our habits and believing that good intentions and willpower are enough to make things happen.

The good news is that this is a common problem that is easy to fix.


To create a new habit or change a habit that has been hard-wired into your brain, you must take tiny steps. Changing a habit overnight or in a few days is a daunting task.


Making a big lifestyle change will put many people into fear and will trigger them to avoid the effort or pain that it takes to make that change. They fear the work. they fear that they will fail, and with that, they decide not to start on any new habits.


Tiny habits removes this fear of big change and the need to become a new person overnight. They also help remove other roadblocks to success, such as feeling guilty when avoiding to do what it takes to make a big lifestyle change.

And that's where adopting Micro Habits can fill in a void, offering a framework that makes it easier for anybody to implement the habits for true lasting changes and a better life.

Actually, we all want to improve our selfs, to be productive, to accomplish more, to make more money, to get things done, to make more time for our personal lives - and MOST important, to be successful and achieve our dreams.

There are literally millions of buyers across all niches who are ALWAYS on the lookout for new tips and hacks to achieve success...

... And acquiring the Micro Habits Secrets guide and following a clear step by step framework is one of the most effective solutions for this purpose.

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Micro Habits SECRETS

Micro Habits Secrets PLR Bundle is a DFY Biz-In-A-Box in the hot Self Development niche with Private Label Rights.

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The customizable PLR content is all about how to use the power of Micro Habits to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results, one small habit at a time.


This step-by-step guide will help your customers design Micro Habits and make them stick through positive emotion and celebrating small successes. Whether they want to lose weight, get fit, de-stress, sleep better, or be more productive.

The training delves into a framework proven to transform people's life, re-wire their mind for success through small micro habits to take charge of their life in bite-size chunks. 

But the training doesn't stop here!

What makes this PLR pack really special is that the content pack works well across a multitude of audiences and can be made applicable to ANY NICHE!

Whether your audience is made of entrepreneurs, employees, busy moms, students or anyone in between, you can build your very own Micro Habits eBook or workshop with this PLR bundle…

We also created from scratch TWO more eBooks all about how to develop Micro Habits in 21 easy steps, which makes them easily adapted into TWO different 21-Day Micro Habits Challenges - one about Self Confidence and the other covering Weight Loss!


So now you have total flexibility to use the content in a creative way AND we all know people love the CHALLENGE format :)

This new PLR package was designed specifically to help YOU bring the Micro Habits Secrets
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You will get everything you need to build a targeted funnel that will help you build your list AND sell the main Micro Habits Secrets program.

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